Our business

We design and manufacture high-quality, elastic safety textiles that provide users with lasting protection against risks to the body.

Our core competencies

Our core competencies include individual manufacture of multi-functional clothing and the associated fabrics, which offer protection against the following principal risks: Flame, flashover, contact heat, radiant heat, electrostatic charges.

Our extensive functional clothing programme also satisfies a range of other demands such as protection against penetration during fencing, cut resistance for short track racers and ice hockey players, and also protection against excessive scuffing in the case of driving or cycling gear.

Other safety features of our functional clothing include UV protection and protection against physically overheating and cold, while ensuring the ultimate in wearer comfort. The portfolio is rounded out with clothing components offering a lighting or warning function.

Another of our core competencies is the individual design of composite materials. These composite materials are derived from the use of fibre-based materials, with the addition of specific finishing measures to satisfy a range of physical demands on a textile product.

R & D for your requirements

We research and we develop – to find high-quality solutions for you, and in close co-operation with you, to provide you with an outstanding, functional and valuable textile product that meets your requirements.

Our production in Germany and in our neighbouring European countries complies with environmental and ethical guidelines and forms part of our contribution to sustainable management.

We place great store by long-term business relationships in which both parties benefit.

Inspiration through exchanges and communication

We are enthusiastic about our job as textile manufacturers. We see ourselves accordingly not just as suppliers of functional textile clothing but as a skilled business partner for our customers.

Principles such as co-operation, fairness, openness, reliability and an awareness of quality determine how we operate in our business. These attributes have characterised our dealings with customers and business partners all along.

Assuming responsibility as a business partner

Now into its third decade, FUCHSHUBER TECHNO-TEX GmbH is a globally structured but still owner-operated company. Flat hierarchical structures, short communication channels and a team focus will thus continue to be key success factors for innovative, productive and successful co-operation.

NOMEX - DSM Dyneema

You can also rest assured that we will
remain true to our core competencies
and will continue to maintain and further
extend them in future.

Our focus will always be on developing
innovative, functional and valuable textiles
in the upper quality range, which is entirely
in line with your needs and requirements.

It goes without saying that we have had
ISO 9001 certification for a number of years now.

Any questions?
We will be happy to offer advice.
Our contact details are:
Tel: +49 (0) 7129 69 15-0
Fax: +49 (0) 7129 69 15-15
E-Mail: info(at)fttex.com

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